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Why I did Estate Planning

Did you know a will protects your family in more ways than one? It doesn't just distribute your estate. It protects your children in an even more important way. The reason I decided to do my will is simple:

Photo of Michael and Aubrey

My daughter, Aubrey

I had my daughter.

You see, the will is Wisconsin's instrument to name a guardian for a minor. If something were to happen to both my wife and me, who would care for Aubrey?

Yes, the state has a system to select a guardian. It's called a guardianship and it requires a judge to decide who will watch your children.

It doesn't matter which judge makes the decision, any judge will always have your child's best interests at heart. The problem is that the judge only has so much time to make such an important decision; sometimes they only have a few hours and limited information.

That's why I was sure to have my estate planning in place. My wife and I knew who we wanted to watch Aubrey because we had all the information. So we drafted our wills to make sure that's exactly what would happen.

Need a will?

Is it hard to make a will?

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