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Category Archives: Probate

What is Probate?

Probate Probate is the process of getting things stuck in your name over to someone else. When you own stuff and you're alive, it's easy to give your stuff away. You hand it over. You write a check. You sign an agreement. After you pass away, what happens to the stuff that's stuck in your…
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Inheritance Tax

What is an inheritance tax? There are a number of different taxes to consider when planning and administering an estate.  Technically, an inheritance tax can be defined as a tax on receiving money.  In the United States, and specifically here in Wisconsin, we don't have an inheritance tax for money received.  On the other hand,…
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Capital Gains Taxes for Estates

Capital Gains Taxes for Estates When planning or administering the estate, one of the many kind of taxes to consider is capital gains tax.  Capital gains are a type of income, but are taxed differently than ordinary income, such as wages. What are capital gains? Capital gains are, essentially, the amount you make when you sell…
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The Will

America is generally familiar with the will - everyone has seen a movie or show whose plot is based on some relative leaving a pile of money and everyone shows up at the 'reading of the will' to find out what their cut is. But what, besides pitting an already dysfunctional family against itself (according…
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