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Category Archives: Estate Planning

Intestate – The State’s Plan for You

Not planning your estate is, in fact, making a choice that the state's laws are right for you. The word for a person who dies without a will is 'intestate.' If that's the case here's what happens in Wisconsin. While the intestate plan is, by and large, consistent with much of the planning I see,…
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Avoiding Probate

There are several needs you might have when planning your estate. This article is to briefly address one I hear with increasing frequency: avoiding probate. And I hear it often for good cause; probate is, by and large, no longer the best way to administer your estate. This article is briefly overviews several different strategies…
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Why I did Estate Planning

Did you know a will protects your family in more ways than one? It doesn't just distribute your estate. It protects your children in an even more important way. The reason I decided to do my will is simple: My daughter, Aubrey I had my daughter. You see, the will is Wisconsin's instrument to name a guardian for…
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Flat Rate vs Hourly Rate

Flat rate services, also sometimes called fixed fee, limited scope representation and, in the industry, unit billing, is a way to provide legal services for a fixed rate. Other types of billing include hourly and contingency fees. The key to quality flat rate services is properly defining what is, and is not, included. If not…
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