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Category Archives: Elder Law

Wisconsin Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form

Did you know that the state of Wisconsin has a free durable financial power of attorney form available? You can find it on the department of health services website. A word of caution A durable financial power of attorney is a legal document that gives people access to your money. You should be sure that…
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Power of Attorney in Brookfield, WI

Power of Attorney in Brookfield, Wisconsin In Wisconsin, we have two kinds of powers of attorney - financial and health.  These powers allow someone else (your 'agent') to make decisions on your behalf if you're alive but unable to make these decisions for yourself.  As the two types suggest, one POA allows someone to make financial…
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Retirement Accounts and Estates

There are a number of retirement account options that get tax benefits (these accounts are called "tax qualified" in the industry). Think of the Traditional IRA or a 401(k). The government wants you to save for retirement (so that it doesn't have to spend as much) so it gives you incentives to put some money…
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What Makes a Legal Estate Planning Document?

I've heard a number of allegations over the years from clients and their family members that certain documents, such as wills or trusts, are or are not valid. The reasons vary from the document lacking an embossed notary stamp to documents having been drafted by an attorney who isn't practicing anymore. There are a number…
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